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Telecom Goes to Cloud

Optimizing Device

Local Breakout
for 5G

Faster Access
to Content

It is time to renew the way Telecom Technology works.

Digital Telecom Equity is a Dubai-based IT specialist developing Cloud technology solutions for Telecom industry. Since the inception of the mobile communication, the underlying technology of Telecom has been only evolutionary, and has been gradually upgraded to the current state. The problem is, that the systems still rely on decades-old concepts and technologies. We have the vision to revolutionize the stack needed to operate Telco systems. Just like e-Commerce went to the Cloud, so will Telecom make the transition from old school data centers to Cloud based systems.

Optimize your
mobile operations.

The Telecom space requires a lot of new technologies for international roaming for 5G to keep up with the exponential growth of network traffic. Our upcoming Local Breakout Network will enable huge cost savings for telecom companies and improved performance for the end users for video streaming, conference calls and for iOT solutions, such as autonomous driving.

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Our product - DBOS Cloud service

We offer local breakout of your data traffic at 28 locations - at the push of a button and as a service. More and more IoT devices and customers require fast connectivity worldwide.

  • DBOS offers multiple redundancies per element

  • Billing and Online Charging Control via Gx and Gy

  • Traffic Control and QoS Definition via NPCF

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